People have been losing their minds for the newly opened Disney Star Wars Theme Park, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. It's touted as a full immersion experience, so fans of the franchise can really feel as if they are in the Star Wars world. And they've pretty much thought of every little detail to make this happen, right down to the beverages. When you go to buy a Coke in Galaxy's Edge, it won't look like an Earth Coke. Rather they've designed beverage bottles to resemble like something from another world, as you can see from the review below.

Unfortunately for fans hoping to keep these cool Cokes as a souvenir and take them home, they also resemble something close to a bomb, and because of this, will not be allowed on planes!

According to an article from,  the TSA has banned the Star Wars Coke Bottles from both carry-on and checked bags on flights coming into the U.S. The article explains the thought process behind the TSA's decision.

"The reason? No replica or inert explosive devices are allowed on planes--not even ones from a galaxy far, far away. It's unclear whether or not Disney will find a way to circumvent this issue for fans traveling to parks with other purchase options. As it stands right now, the only way to get your hands on the detonator Coke bottles is to pick them up in person from Batuu or to hand over a pretty penny on Ebay."

So if you're heading to Galaxy's Edge, you'll likely have an easier time returning home to the states with a Light Saber from your travels to outer space, rather than a Coke!





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