It was announced at last nights preseason game in Foxboro that Patriot Nation's official ice cream flavor, and it's straight outta Skowhegan!

Gifford's Ice Cream was at the game to talk about their specially made "Dough Your Job" ice cream for the New England football team.

It is made up of "chocolate caramel footballs and cookie dough team up on a heavy fudge striped field of vanilla ice cream."

The ice cream was enjoyed during the game at Gillette stadium by fans and even enjoyed by the on-air commentators.

The ice cream was unveiled by the owners who introduced the ice cream during the broadcast of the Patriots preseason game Thursday night versus the New York Giants.

The press release from the Maine based, owned and operated ice cream company states they are very exciting to partner with New England's football heroes.  JC Gifford states, "We share a passion for excellence and hard work with the New England Patriots. Just like them we set our bar high, and our customers see it every day in the way we run our business, take care of our employees, whom we consider to be our extended family, and in how we select quality ingredients to carefully craft our award-winning creamy vintage-style ice cream. We also share a love of family, sports, and a pride in our deep New England roots with the Patriots. So, let’s go!”

You'll be able to do your job and grab yourself a quart at your local grocer when the flavor rolls out to their ice cream stands and to grocery stores across New England this weekend.

Or snag some at Gillette Stadium.  It's a bit of a drive but, I beat it'll be worth it ;)

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