As if there wasn't reason enough to be fired up for Sunday!

Adley Stump was a contestant on Team Blake,way back in Season 2 of "The Voice" Now she has her own Facebook page and YouTube channel called "The Adley Show", where she creates viral videos that combined have close 300 million views.

In her latest, she decides to take on New England Patriots QB, Tom Brady with a Super Bowl song called "Brady Leave" which is set to the tune of the Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line hit "Meant To Be" The video is full of Pats haters who just want Brady to ride off into the sunset, because they are tired off G-O-A-T memes and they think he has more than enough rings.

Obviously the video is pro L.A. Rams, but if you love the Pats, this should give you more motivation to watch the big game this weekend.

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