A celebration of science will take place this weekend in various spots around Bangor, as the Maine Science Festival kicks off its 5th year of inspiring young and old alike to find the fun in learning.

The bulk of the activities will take place at The Cross Insurance Center Friday through Sunday, with break-out sessions and pop-up activities going on in a handful of downtown locations. With topics like The Science of Aging, The Science of Soda Making, Earth, Space and the Universe, and A History of Quirky Inventions from Maine, just to name a few, there's bound to be something to peak the interest of any curious person, regardless of age. And the ballroom at the Cross Center will offer plenty of opportunities for hands-on activities and games in the form of different Exploration Stations. Many of the specialized talks and demonstrations will happen in the adjoining rooms, or in spots like the Maine Discovery Museum or the Bangor Public Library.

You can get a full schedule of events here.

Most of the events scheduled for the weekend are free. But this year, organizers are asking for donations, which they haven't done in years past. According to The Maine Science Festival's Facebook page, "Many science festivals around the country charge anywhere from $10-30 for just one event like Tech Night or 5 Minute Genius. This is NOT a requirement, but it will help us insure that the model we’ve put in place will be able to continue."

Things start with a soft opening of sorts Wednesday, with the River Run Fish Exhibit at the Maine Discovery Museum, and Science Trivia at The Sea Dog Brewing Company Wednesday evening.

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