If you're not super familiar with TikTok one big aspect is the utilization of sounds. It could be funny audio from a video or a clip to a song. Users can do a variety of things using the nearly unlimited library of songs. Dances, lip syncs, but this sound, in particular, inspires quick rhyming raps.

One trend has users embracing various stereotypes to the music with a super creative rap. I've seen a video about the stereotype of a "horse girl" and even a "Disney adult". Today I stumbled upon user @spicybathwater taking on the role of a Maine high school mean girl.

She rocks the accent and drops a nod to iconic Maine retailer, Marden's.

I'll set the stage, you're in 10th grade. It's time for P.E. and you're next to the mean girl in class before the run...[NWFW Language]

I mean hey, mean girl or not, a free lobster roll is a free lobster roll.

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