An orange hat that turned up in a Bangor neighborhood belongs to Graham Lacher, who's been missing for nine weeks.

Where Was the Hat Found?

The hat was discovered inside the treeline, off Juniper and Dartmouth Streets in Bangor. Juniper is just off Howard Street, near Stillwater Avenue. What exactly the discovery means about Lacher's well-being is not clear. Did he take the hat off, to make himself harder to spot? Or did he lose it in his travels?


According to the 'Missing Graham Lacher' Facebook page, searcher Brandy St. Louis found the hat that was confirmed to be Lacher's. His mother had written her name on the inside, so there's no doubt that it was the one he was wearing when he went missing nine weeks ago.

How Long Has He Been Missing?

Bangor Police issued a Silver Alert for 37-year-old Graham Lacher of Norridgewock in June, after he walked away from the Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center in Bangor on the afternoon of June 6th. Lacher was a voluntary patient at the facility but, after walking away, was considered involuntary. The alert was Silver because of his mental health challenges which cause him to shy away from people. An initial search with a police K9 tracked him to the area of Eastern Maine Community College, where the scent was lost.

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Over the past nine weeks, multiple organized searches have taken place, with planes, police K9s, and drones aiding in the effort. To date, the orange hat is the only confirmed evidence found in the search for Lacher, which has been focused on the area around the Bangor Mall/Stillwater Avenue.

Lacher is a white male, 5'11" tall, 265 pounds, with brown hair, and blue eyes. When he was last seen, his hair and beard were long, he was wearing glasses, a gray jacket, gray/green Carhartt pants, and the orange hat that was recently discovered.

Who Should We Call If We Think We See Him?

Police are asking for a phone call from anyone who thinks they see Lacher. Bangor Police can be reached at 207-942-8211 or call 911. Do not approach him because Graham is nervous around people and will possibly take off if he thinks he's been recognized. In addition, if it's possible to discreetly take a picture of him (to aid in confirmation of the sighting) people are asked to do so.

Here's the Full List of Missing Persons Cases in Maine

There are 34 people currently listed as missing here in Maine by the state police as of July 2022. If you recognize or have any information on the people listed here, please contact the police.

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