As gas prices continue to fluctuate around Maine, there have been some stations and convenience stores that have seemingly given up on the daily price hikes or tumbles. For stations with digital signs, this would likely be a non-issue. But there are still a ton of old school stations across the Pine Tree state that have to manually change the price on their pumps daily. What if they don't? Is it illegal to leave gas price signs blank in Maine?

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Yes, It's Illegal to Not List Your Gas Prices in Maine

According to, it is against the law in Maine for fueling stations and convenience stores to not list their gas prices visibly and clearly. But there is a catch to the statute. Typically, gas stations and convenience stores will have larger signs roadside showing their prices and then smaller individual signs visible at the pump. By Maine law, stations and stores do not need to list their prices on their larger roadside sign, only on the smaller signs at the pump.

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Do Gas Stations Have to Honor Price Mistakes?

Yes, as long as they work in the customers favor. As stated above, there is a statute that requires gas stations and convenience stores to list their current prices visibly on a sign above the pump. In some instances, stations will change the price digitally by fuel grade without reflecting the change on the signs above the pump. By Maine law, stations are required to honor price mistakes if it works in the customer's favor.

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Are There Penalties for Not Listing Prices Correctly?

Yes. If a gas station or convenience store is found to be in violation of the price signage rules, individual owners or corporations can fined between $100-$500 per violation.

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