It's a new year and that means a new slew of proposed bills put forth by the Maine legislature. Some of those bills, outlined here by Bangor Daily News, are significant and could have major implications on everyday life for Mainers in the next few years. Other proposed bills look like this.

Representative Allison Hepler of Woolwich has proposed a bill that would allow the State of Maine to regulate balloon sales statewide. Additionally, it would make the release of balloons into the air against the law, likely resulting in a fine if caught. The reasoning behind the bill is based on the environment and the litter that balloons can cause.


Another interesting bill proposal comes from Maureen Terry of Gorham. Her bill would allow barbers in Maine to use straight razors on customers. If you're sitting here thinking, "I didn't know that wasn't legal to begin with", you're not alone. The bill isn't terribly consequential but it's interesting to see what speaks to various representatives.

There was more than 2,000 bills proposed to begin Maine's legislature this year and most of them won't make it to the voting and passing phase of lawmaking. So if really love balloons or are frightening of straight razors, you probably have nothing to worry about.

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