It's now been about a year and a half since Maine's Distracted Driving law went into effect prohibiting the use of handheld phones. According to the Bangor Police Department, we're struggling to change our bad habits.

WGME reports of comments made by Sgt. Wade Betters saying that it's still common for Bangor PD to spot drivers using their phones while driving either texting or making a phone call.

Even when at a stop sign, red light, or otherwise stopped in traffic, using an electronic device is still prohibited.


It is recommended that people either sync their phone to the Bluetooth in their vehicles if the vehicle is a newer model or purchasing a Bluetooth device that provides similar capabilities to do hands-free calls and texting.

Breaking this law does come with a hefty fine, $325 for the first offense and $625 for a second.

According to Trusted Choice, out of the 35,042 car crashes in the state in 2017, 661 were caused due to electronic device use.

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