An annual stressor all Maine vehicle owners know, motor vehicle inspections. Best case scenario you're out 45 minutes and less than $20. Worst case scenario your mechanic comes back to you with hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repair costs.

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It's long been discussed if a blanket annual inspection is necessary. Many states vary requirements based on vehicle year, some states require an inspection every other year. Some states don't require a vehicle inspection at all.

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This Thursday, March 18th at 1 pm, the Maine Legislature's Transportation Committee will hold a public hearing about the issue and if things should change going forward. Proposals to be discussed include An At To Provide That Inspections of New Motor Vehicles Are Valid for 2 Years, An Act To Require Motor Vehicle Inspections Every 2 Years, An Act to Repeal the Requirement That Certain Motor Vehicles Be Inspected, An Act To Eliminate Certain Motor Vehicle Inspections in the State, An Act To Study the Fee Structure of Motor Vehicle Inspections as it Relates to the Viability of Inspection Stations, and An Act To Eliminate the Requirement for an Inspection for a Noncommercial Vehicle Less Than 20 Years Old. All proposals can be read here.

Those who support the elimination or reduction of inspections argue that it's completely unnecessary for newer vehicles and that people should be able to drive what they choose without having to meet a government standard. Opponents argue that the risk is too great for others on the road and having unsafe cars can affect more than just the owner of the unsafe vehicle.

If you would like your voice heard on this issue and you would like to offer a written or oral testimony you can do so here.

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