Spend enough time on Maine roads and you're going to see some things. You see, the people of Maine like to express themselves and often use their vehicles to let their thoughts and feelings be known. Our vanity plates have become legend across the country and we're not far behind when it comes to bumper stickers either. On the roads of Maine, it takes a lot to make people say "what am I looking at?". Which is why this vehicle HAS to be the most ridiculous one driving in Vacationland right now.

Anyone else come across this fine vehicle on the roads of Southern Maine? from r/Maine

Shared on Reddit by BringMeAHigherLunch, your eyes don't deceive you, this is officially the MILF mobile. This teal-colored van isn't a new sight to people from Sanford all the way to Gardiner. In fact, it's become so popular that the car's owner has made upgrade to the window's rear graphics. Instead of MILF mobile being handwritten on the back window, it's now dressed up real nice.

If you've got a zoom function handy, feel free to read the NSFW bumper stickers that are strewn across the back of the automobile. Trust us, the MILF mobile stays true to the theme with the stickers. It's not just the stickers either, you can't be driving the MILF mobile without having a vanity plate and it's exactly what you'd expect it to be. Here's an uncensored photo of it if you're curious.

It might be difficult for some to stick out in a crowded field of bizarre vehicles in Maine but this takes the cake.

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