If there's one thing that's evident in Maine, it's the loyalty and passion we have for not only our news stations but the personalities on those news stations as well.

Maine News

For example, some Mainers would rather just get straight-up news facts without very much personality (not that it's a bad thing, but some people just want the facts and to move on).

Other Mainers may prefer personalities on their preferred news stations to show just that -- their personality. They don't want just news headlines and facts spewed at them, they want to receive their news (since, let's be real, it's mostly all negative) in an entertaining way to make headlines easier to digest.

That said, if you're part of the latter group and love some fun and personality while you're watching the news, you probably loved the floating head and arms you saw during a weather forecast on NEWS CENTER Maine last week.

NEWS CENTER Maine via Instagram
NEWS CENTER Maine via Instagram

NEWS CENTER Maine Weather

It was pretty obvious that with the teaser of late spring and early summer weather that was spread throughout Maine last week, energy and spirits were lifted to upper-tier levels.

Gone was the seasonal depression most Mainers experience during the cold, dark winter months, and instead, smiles were plastered on faces and laughter was heard all throughout the state. It was impossible to not be in an extra light and extra good mood last week.

That included some local celebrities, too, as NEWS CENTER Maine icon Lee Goldberg and meteorologist Aaron Myler were caught laughing after returning from a commercial break because reporter Hannah Yechivi disappeared from behind the news desk and instead appeared in front of the green screen for the weather radar.

Well, part of her appeared, anyway.

Laughter and fun are infectious, and sometimes it's as simple as the little things like this.

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