When's the last time you took a stroll through Mt. Hope Cemetery?

I have to say, it's been a minute. When I was in high school it was on of those places where we all congregated. Whether it was to ride skateboards, ditch school, ot whatever, it was one of the go-to spots. Maybe it still is, hard to say. As I got older, it's just a nice peaceful place to take a walk.

I mean, other than the normal use of a cemetery, why else would you go there? The peace and quiet is unparalleled, for obvious reasons. On the other hand, what do you really know about Mt. Hope Cemetery? Sure, I can tell you that it's been in a couple Stephen King movies, but that's the extent of my historical knowledge.

Why not schedule a private tour and learn all the cool stuff?

I was today years old when I found out you can schedule a private tour of Mt. Hope Cemetery. The Bangor Historical Society offers them, and was just discussing it at their Facebook page. But what if you don't want to deal with people you don't know? No problem! You can book a private tour with the BHS.

But they offer so much more. There's also tours for Best of Bangor, Fire of 1911, and a bunch more. You could be from a school, or a community organization, or even just a bunch of friends that wanna do something out of the ordinary together. How cool would it be to do something like a cemetery tour?

If it sounds interesting to you, contact the Bangor Historical Society at curator@bangorhistoricalsociety.org... With the different choices available, it's be a blast. And you get to learn more about where you're from. Always a bonus.

Here's a glimpse at some more cool Bangor history...

Vintage Bangor Postcards

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