Guess all that chocolate goodness makes it hard for one to keep their eyes on the road.

The Westbrook Police Department posted on Facebook today that they issued a summons for Failure to Maintain Control of a Motor Vehicle to a man on Wednesday of this week after the driver was observed crossing the centerline.

Certainly no laughing matter nowadays with the roads being so very busy and a recent fatality in our area because of that very reason. It's always a very good idea to do what your driver's ed instructor taught you to do, and that's to keep your eyes on the road.

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But the off-white Subaru was observed by a Westbrook cop "all over the road" and crossing the center line "several times" on the River Road in that city.  It had to have been a premonition of what was to come when the officer pulled the driver over into the Dairy Queen parking lot at 2:52 p.m.

When the driver of the Subaru was told why he was pulled over, he admitted to eating a Kit Kat bar while driving. The Westbrook cop took note of the "chocolate on his fingers and an empty KitKat wrapper at his feet", according to today's Facebook post.


There are all sorts of things that people do while driving, other than paying attention to the road. In today's day and age, the first thought would be using a handheld device for either talking or texting, but all of us have seen drivers doing their make-up while looking in the rearview mirror, reading a book on the steering wheel, or doing only God knows what else in the privacy of their own vehicle.

"Next time, we urge people to wait until they get to their destination to break off a piece of a Kit-Kat Bar", the Westbrook Police Department said of the incident on its Facebook page.

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