The Maine Department of Education has released its monthly report on COVID cases reported at Maine schools and the findings are not surprising considering the headlines we've been seeing online and on our local news stations.

There have been 2,910 reported cases in Maine schools, this includes students and staff according to the newly released COVID-19 Case Report.

This information does not include the first few days of school since the latest report goes back 30 days from October 7, which is September 7. Where the data shared on Thursday is only reporting information gathered from September 7 to October 6, cases reported prior to September 7 are not included as part of the monthly data collected but are included in the overall total cases reported.

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Currently, 113 Maine schools are in Outbreak status. According to the Maine CDC, an outbreak status is given when three or more cases are epidemiologically linked, the cases occur in different households and continue for a 14-day period. Once the 14 days have elapsed and there are no new cases, the school can be released from its outbreak status.

Here is the current status of the most active cases in Maine schools, according to the Maine DOE's latest report:

1. Brewer Community School currently has 45 active cases

2. Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School of RSU 17/MSAD 17 has 36 cases

3. Lawrence High School of RSU 49/ MSAD 49 and Sanford High School of Sanford Public Schools both have 32 cases

4. St. Brigid School has 31 cases

5. Washington Academy has 30 cases

6. Piscataquis Community Elementary of RSU 80 / MSAD 04 has 29 cases

7. Ridge View Community School of MSAD 46 has 28 cases

8. Hermon Middle School of Hermon Public Schools has 27 cases

9. Noble High School of RSU 60 / MSAD 60 has 23 cases

10. Greenville Consolidated School of Greenville Public Schools, Poland Community School of RSU 16, and Winslow Elementary School of Winslow Public Schools each have 22 active cases.

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