Maine is seen by 'the people from away' as a beautiful showcase of nature, from its rugged coastlines to the majestic mountains. We are dubbed a classy vacationland for some locations, while other locations are a reprieve from the hectic modern life into the serene views of a pristine experience in the quiet of nature.

But, being from Maine, being in the thick of the mosquito walls of the backwoods or driving through the tourist traps to make-ends-meet, we see Maine quite differently. And, maybe in a way that isn't very appealing, but it's an honest perspective.

Those that live in Maine are a hardy bunch and talk a little crasser and walk with the burdens of having to make a living to pay for heating oil or rent for the month. Those from away bring in the money but may not understand that living in vacationland isn't necessarily what it's marketed as.

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With that, we bring you a list of honest slogans of Maine, slogans that hit home for those that live and work in the state. These slogans wouldn't necessarily be used for any ad campaign to bring tourists to the state but are certainly a way for Mainers to resonate with their common experiences using humor and a little bit of truth.

Check out our list of 'Honest Maine Slogans' contributed and inspired by the very people that wait the tables, fix the pipes and drive the roads year-round here in Vacationland. Enjoy!

25 Honest Slogans of Maine

Kind of crass, a little cringy but totally honest. Here are 25 slogans that hit home for those that live and work in the state of Maine.

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