The Bangor Homeless Shelter is about to begin the process of getting a kitchen upgrade. If you’ve ever lived through a home renovation you must know how difficult that is.  Times 30 when it comes to what the Bangor Homeless Shelter provides twice daily.

During the time period when the Shelter will be without a kitchen, and unable to do what they do day after day during the construction project, they are reaching out to the community.

It starts with love. Mix in some passion. An ability. And a goal to provide hope.

If you would like to show love to fellow mankind and you have passion and ability when it comes to meal preparation and cooking, and would like to help provide hope to those homeless in the Bangor community who depend on the Shelter for their meals, here are the details.

The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter’s kitchen will be out of commission October 18th to October 31st. During this time they will not be able to cook or serve meals. So they are asking individuals and businesses that are interested in helping, to sign up to provide a meal for 30 people. Lunch or Dinner. If that sounds like too much for you to do, maybe you could provide pizzas instead.

If you are interested in turning your kitchen into a very helpful project, the shelter can provide meats and other items to get you started, and also provide you with the individual to-go containers that they’ll serve to those who are in need.

If this is something you would offer to do, get in touch with Or call 947-0092.

Quite the endeavor. Those who step up to help have all of the communities’ respect and love.

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