A recent fire in Abbot resulted in a total loss from a wood stove, according to the Bangor Daily News. On January 11th, a two-story family home and farmhouse was destroyed when a spark from a wood stove started a fire that ended up burning the whole structure down. Nobody was harmed in the fire but some pets didn't make it.

Maine Emergency Management Agency Urges Caution With Cold Streak

This recent tragedy during the coldest time of year is a reminder to be cautious with your heat sources, make sure they are safe for use and that you keep vigilant with the hazards from your heat source. MEMA sent out information yesterday urging citizens of Maine to be prepared for a cold streak with tips regarding frozen pipes and links to a 'Winter Heating Guide'.

Heating Your Home With Wood Stoves And Fire Places

Mainers using wood stoves and fireplaces need to be extra cautious when it comes to containing their heat source simply because it has active flames that are contained within the home.

Avoid a home fire from your wood stove and fireplace by taking a look at some information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  They have tips for those of us who are heating our homes using wood stoves or fireplaces.

Tips from FEMA

  • Keep anything that is flammable at least 3 feet from your fireplace or woodstove.
  • Do not burn paper in your fireplace or wood stove\
  • Do not leave the fire going unattended. Put out the fire before you go to sleep or leave your home.
  • Get your chimney inspected and cleaned yearly by a professional.
  • Ashes from your fireplace or woodstove should be placed in a metal container with a lid. Place the container 10 feet away from your home outside.
  • FOR YOUR FIREPLACE: A metal or glass screen will keep embers or sparks from jumping out of your fireplace.
  • FOR YOUR FIREPLACE: Make sure fireplace "on" switches and remote controls are out of the reach of the kiddos.
  • FOR YOUR WOOD STOVE: ensure that your wood stove has been tested by a qualified testing laboratory.
  • FOR YOUR WOOD STOVE: Keep the doors of the wood stove closed unless loading the wood stove or stoking the fire.

Stay safe and warm this winter, especially during the cold snaps.

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