It was very close, but we have a winner!

With well over 800 votes and 430 comments on our Facebook page, people had some great suggestions for the next big restaurant chain they would like to see come to Bangor.

20 National Chains We Want in Bangor

We asked our listeners which national chains they would like to see in Bangor. Here are their responses.

We had some great Facebook comments from Z-107.3 listeners!

Heather Coffin
I just want Arby's back... Sonic would be cool.

Michael Marchelletta
I’d like golden coral or anything with a decent buffet

Laura Foster
Panera! We have enough chains where 98% of the menu consists of food that's deep-fried.

Eric Marullo
Sonic’s food is really gross. McDonald's is a major step above Sonic’s food.

Renee Gelo Dillingham
i could care less about another fast food restaurant i want a trader joe’s or whole foods

Lorie Scovin
We have a big empty Dennys and a smaller empty Burger King in Ellsworth. I think a Macaroni Grill or I-hop would fit into the big one and an Arbys in the little one. Actually,something like a Chuckie Cheese would do well here since there is no place for kids. (Not that I am recommending these in particular, anything would be welcome)

Becki StLouis
Enough of these fast food places! Let's get some places where there is a variety for everyone in the family!! How about Golden Corral??!!

Kody Clifford
Cracker barrel!! We have enough burger, chicken and sandwhich places, bring on some home cooked style food!

Gretchen Caparotta
Any of them that they keep advertising up this way, if not, then stop advertising for something we don't and will not be getting

Clarence Merchant
Popeyes was in Newport years ago, would love for them to come back to the area. The closes one we have is in Gardiner at the rest area.

Gary A Huff
In addition to Krispy Kreme, I would love to see Lambert's... home of the "throwed roll". We would always stop in Sikestpn, Missouri on the way to, and back from the races in Memphis. The amount and variety of food you could get was amazing, and the prices were really reasonable. The servers would always ask if you wanted a roll...if you said "Yes", they would throw them at you until you caught one. That place was always packed. A Golden Coral would be nice also, but I am afraid buffet style places are falling by the wayside, thanks to the COVID "pandemic."

Melanie Johnson
Toss up between Wahlburgers and Boston Market…I voted Wahlburgers because they have delicious adult beverages and appearances from Mark and Donnie would be Ah-mazing!!!

Martha Wise
I don't live up there, but I'm surprised you don't have a Waffle House .

Evan Pelkey
Dave & Buster's and Outback Steakhouse would be AWESOME! My 2 favorite places to go outside of the state

Leah McBreairty
Forget national chains... What we need in downtown Bangor is a locally owned burrito shop. How do we convince 86 This! from Ellsworth to open a second location here? That would be amazing!

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