We asked for your choice, and over 500 people responded!

Back on Friday night, we posed a question on our Facebook page, asking "What type of chain, or locally owned, themed restaurant is the Bangor area missing right now?"

There were so many great responses, be it a well known chain, or a type of local eatery that is currently absent here in the Bangor area. One suggestion that seemed to pop up over and over was Popeye's!

Check out the amazing picks for this question, and keep your fingers crossed that Bangor gets some of them! And if we missed any, let us know!


Betsy Shields
Panera, PF Chang's

Shane Grant
Sonic. Jack in the box. Arbys.

Joe Riley
Local, a real deal Italian restaurant. Chain, Publix sandwich counter. Lol

Natalee Kohls
Panera bread

Kasie Merry

Beth Edwards
Bring back the Whig and Courier

Kelly Gifford Brown
Shake shack, sonic, Panera, Cheesecake factory

Michael Bernier
Red Robin

Patty Baker
Golden corral

Devon Godin
IMO Dave and busters would be perfect in the old BAM building

Hidden Waters
I want Miller's back!!!!!

Cassandra Nichols
Either a hot pot or Korean bbq restaurant

Chris Lessner
I used to love Bonanza and the old Miller's Restaurant buffet.

Maria Spruce
None! Support your local businesses!

Craig Jones
Bring back the colonial house of pancakes it was great breakfast place

Jeremy Hendrickson
Let's get The Holy Donut up here.

Jeni King
Cheesecake Factory!!

Amanda Handy
Waffle house!

Amy Eliza

Erika Speed Young
Popeyes, Raising Canes, Fuddruckers

Kim Black
Sonic, White Castle, Zaxbys, Popeyes and Arby's back.

Amanda Hussey
Panera, Cracker Barrel, IHOP, Popeyes

Alicia Marie Jacobs

Kristy Turner
Red Robin

Darryl Smith
York Steakhouse

Tara Jean
Popeyes, Panera, white castle, sonic , Jack in box

Amy Woodbury Nye
Tuscan Table

Jessica Marie Rancourt
In and out burger!!!

Heidi Farquhar
Sonic, TGIF, panera

Lacey Chapman
Sonic!!!! Jack in the box and Popeyes but mostly Sonic

Sarah Nicole
Panera. Sonic. In and out. Hooters.

Norma Goodwin
Steak and Shake!

Sarah Sika Bowden
SONIC!!! Ohhhh and 1000 votes for the Red Lion / Millers !

Paul L. Lizotte III

Jennifer Granholm

Dominique Harley
Definitely Trader Joe's

Justin Koons
Dave's Hot Chicken!

Daniel Jackson
Definitely popeyes

Lisa Frost Murray
Epi Sub and Thistles

Mary Sapiel
Arby's, Sonic, In N Out Burger, all the things we don't have here! Lol

Leianna Carter
ALDIs and Panera, oh and 110 grill!

Wendy Brown

Becky Elston-Burns

Brandie Burnell
Outback steakhouse, Cracker Barrel, Sonic, Golden Corral,

Drew Baxter
Popeyes would've been great in the old Burger King, but instead we get a 3rd Verizon store in the mall area.

Chad Byron Shorey
I miss smokey bones

Devin Nease
Sincerely, a Texan missing his Whataburger

Cassandra Murray
Krispy Kremes

Carole Starling
Bojangles! Steak & Shake

Kanes Donuts
Caribbean food

Cathy Morris
Country Buffet

Cheyenne Gary
Raising Canes

Jordin Warwren
Bugaboo Creek

Tyler Gilley
Panda express

Josh Door
Hooters, good spot downtown would kill, otherwise mall area . Panera is way over due. Sonic would t be a hit here, red robin has a chance, Popeyes very very maybe

Suzanne Noel-Copeland
Indian restaurant!!

Laura Washburn
Rainforest Cafe

Kathy Saucier
I just want Oriental Jade to bring back the buffet!

Stephen U Flanagan
A top notch Seafood restaurant

Nikki Budge
Some kind of huge buffet

Caleb Nathaniel
I’d really like a raising cane’s or a Wingstop. Panera or Popeyes would be cool too.

Nicole Carrow Powers

Joshua Zimmer
The one where they come to my house and cook and clean the kitchen and do the dishes after. Please make that a thing. Thanks so much!

Marya Bailey
Big G’s!

Christopher Young
Macaroni Grill, Sonic

Dave Hodsdon
Church’s chicken would probably do well around here. The amount of people who flock to an overrated chick fil a.
Honey butter biscuits from church’s are top tier

Nikki Budge
Also not a Verizon.
I mean I am still dissapointed Verizon is going where burger King was on hogan road.
We don't want more cell phones
We want more food.
Good food

Shauna Paige Mallo
Crumble Cookies

Crystal Cunningham
A good local steakhouse.

Vannessa Tabor
Round table pizza, spaghetti factory, in n out burger, jack n the box, Arby's, Jamba juice, and papa Murphys

Sarah Henry
Boston market

Kyle Leeman
I’d go broke if Manny's Greek Grill was in Bangor

Melissa Sellers
If I can go in to business I would own a Roy Roger's for real that the best food or a good chicken place

Angela B Hinrichs-Jonker
PF Changs

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