A letter sent out to the parents of Bangor School students this week from Superintendent James Tager notes that the results of recent drinking water testing done at schools across the city found there were high lead levels in the water samples.

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Officials were quick to note that the firm that was hired to do the testing, Haley Ward Consulting, informed them that timing errors had been made during the testing, and that could be a contributing factor. It is also why they plan to retest.

The letter also outlined the Bangor School Department's plan to move forward and address the situation.

"Affected water sources have been taken out of service until further testing can be done. We are scheduled for our second round of water testing this coming Saturday, January 22. It is important for you to know that the water source from the Bangor Water District does not exceed the EPA guidelines for lead...Once we have determined the underlying cause, we will work as quickly as possible to correct the issue, which may include installing filters or replacing equipment."

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Tager mentioned that in the meantime, there are accommodations being made to provide safe drinking water to Bangor School students. He says they hope to send out another letter to parents, with the results of this weekend's scheduled re-test sometime in February, once they come back.

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Tager recommends that anyone wanting further information can call the State of Maine Division of Environmental and Community Health at (207)287-2070.

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