Its always cool when something from Maine ends up in the running for a national honor of sorts. And if you like local beer, its even cooler when its a local haunt.

The national daily newspaper, USA Today, says on its website that it polled several travel experts and came up with a list of the "Top 20" in a number of travel-related categories including "food, lodging, destinations, travel gear, things to do..." And now they're asking the public to narrow down the list to a "Top 10", by casting votes in the different categories. The entries span the US, from every state, in categories such as Best Beer Scene, Best Cultural Festival and Best Music Festival. Paying specific attention to the "American craft beer's best" section of the poll, USA Today has seven categories: "beer bar, beer festival, beer label, beer scene, brew pup, brewery tour and new brewery."

Should you dive deeper, and peruse the category of Best Brew Pub, you'll see, listed alongside pubs in Austin, San Diego, Atlanta and Philly (to name a few) is an entry from our very own state, the Orono Brewing Company.

The judge's entry reads "Orono Brewing specializes in unfiltered beers, served in their flagship Maine tasting room alongside a menu of flatbreads, burgers, sandwiches, tacos and shareable tater tots served buffalo, poutine or nacho style.."

And according to the article we put up about them when they first opened, "The brewery at 61 Margin St. in Orono has been under construction since spring 2017. OBC has utilized the 10,000 square-foot building to expand their brewing operations, install a kitchen, and a full taproom."

Should you want to cast your vote for the Orono Brewing Company, you can click here and weigh in on the discussion.

Voting will conclude on Monday March 25.

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