John Marshall is one of the most creative Mainers you'll ever meet. He thinks totally out of the box like creating a local tv game show for kids with a chicken and a donkey and his latest project called 'Sunset Selfies.'

John's a talented artist who discovered that by using cardboard cutouts, he can take sunset photos at the beach that turn the everyday world into fantasy. He had hundreds of his creations shared to his Sunset Selfies Instagram page.

John appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show recently for a segment about Sunset Selfies. With the COVID-19 pandemic still at thing, he appeared on screen in Kelly's virtual audience of people at video calling in from home. Family Guy creator and executive producer of Cosmos Seth MacFarlane was a guest on the show and was pretty impressed by John's creations as well.

John posted a clip of the show on his Facebook page.


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