Local theater group 'Some Theatre' is doing a show based on the cult game 'Dungeons & Dragons' or, for those in the know, D&D.

The show is being presented by 'Some Theatre Company' out of the Bangor Mall and is called 'She Kills Monsters'.

The focus of the cult classic game revolves around a relationship with a sister who passes away and was a big fan of the game.  The lead character, Agnes, played by Katy England, becomes a Dungeon Master while learning more about her passed sister that she realizes she didn't know a lot about.

Here's a description of the show from their website:

Agnes Evans is a completely average woman who strives to be nothing but average until the day she wishes her life were a little less boring. Her wish, unfortunately, comes true when her family, including her younger sister Tilly, dies in a car crash.

As Agnes is cleaning Tilly’s room, she finds a module Tilly had written for Dungeons &Dragons. In order to get closer to the sister she never really knew, Agnes embarks on her own adventure with the help of a Dungeon Master to play the game as Tilly designed. As she delves deeper into her quest, the fantasy world and reality begin to collide and mix as Agnes searches to connect with Tilly and realizes how much of her sister she never knew.

She Kills Monsters allows actors to truthfully represent the LGBTQIA+ community in a show that goes beyond the ‘tragic Hollywood tale of characters discovering their sexuality,” and instead lifts them up and celebrates.

The theater company has their shows performed at the Bangor Mall.  The show will have 5 performances running from February 18th to February 21st with performance times at 2 PM and 7 PM.

  • Thursday, Feb 18th at 7pm
  • Friday, Fri 19th at 7pm
  • Saturday, Feb 20th at 2pm and 7pm
  • Sunday, Feb 21st at 2pm

CDC guidelines and measures are in place so be sure to pack your mask and know that some of the material may not be suitable for children.

For more information about the show, visit Some Theatre Company's ticket page.

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