The Lip Sync battle is on!

The Some Theatre Company of Bangor leads a culturally diverse collective of local artists that provide a quality, accessible, and affordable theatre arts experience for the Bangor community, and beyond.

Some Thearte Company is a non-profit organization that has come up with a fun way to not only raise some funds, but entertain you at the same time. Some of the members of the company are having 6 Lip Sync Battles, and you can help choose the winners!

Since the people participating in this Lip Sync battle are part of the theatre compmay, they are super talented actors, so when you watch, you are getting so much more than a typical lip sync video. They are really creative and well done. The songs cover a ride range of genres, they feature everyting from "Baby Got Back", "Let It Go", "Bad Guy" to the Rick Roll classic "Never Gonna Give You Up".

The Voting will end this Friday night at 6pm. For more info on how you can donate, go to

Battle #1-Ben vs Natasha "I Want To Be Evil" "Classic"

Battle #2-Brad vs Gary & Heather "Let It Go" "Nobody's Wife"

Battle #3-Danin vs Silvia "River" "Baby Got Back"

Battle #4 Becky vs Negina "When Will My Life Begin" "Never Gonna Give You Up"

Battle #5 Ken vs Bryan "Hooked On A Feeling" "Bad Guy"

Battle #6 Christy vs Shane "I Don't Know What We're Talking About" "Tribute"

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