Some Theatre Company, known for bringing edgy and cult classic favorites to the Bangor theater watching community, has done it again. The group announced last week that they will be bringing a favorite character to the stage.

Bikini Bottom Comes to Bangor

The Bangor Mall-based Some Theatre Company announced on Facebook on Thursday that they will be bringing The Spongebob Musical to their stage for an upcoming late-winter show.

The post states that it will be a kid-friendly show and may be a great opportunity for the littles to experience their first live theater performance. And, it being Spongebob, you know that'll keep them engaged. And, it being Spongebob, the adult kids will like to see it as well.

The Spongebob Musical Details

The Broadway show is based on the Spongebob Square Pants cartoon in which the usual cast of characters must stop Bikini Bottom from becoming destroyed.  The original Broadway show won Tony Awards and stopped performances in 2018. The musical features songs by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, The Flaming Lips, John Legend, Panic! At the Disco, T.I., and David Bowie, among many other well-known artists.

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The Spongebob Musical Upcoming Dates In Bangor

Right now, the theater group is getting ready for auditions for this musical and are looking for young actors to fill those spots. Us theatergoers will have to wait patiently, maybe have time to finally pass our driver's test with Mrs. Puff, because the show dates are currently scheduled for February 24th - March 6th.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Some Theater Company Facebook page for show announcements about The Spongebob Musical and more fun and special shows that Some Theatre can bring to Bangor.

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