I feel like this is a lost episode of Bugs Bunny.

It's like any minute now, Wyle E. Coyote is going to come around the corner, and we're all going to hear "BEEP! BEEP! ZIP...BANG!"  and then the little bugger might disappear. But seriously, how on earth did an actual honest-to-god roadrunner end up here in Maine, all the way from the southwest part of the U.S.?

Why, he hitched a ride, of course.

Since the poor little fella was probably being harassed by that egotistical coyote, the roadrunner in question, hopped into the back of a moving van that was coming to Maine from Las Vegas, according to WMTW. The little trooper rode for 4 days in the back of this truck with no food or water and arrived relatively unscathed.

Perhaps a bit freaked out, but in good shape, it took handlers a few minutes to coax him out of the truck, but when they did, they immediately got the wee birdie up to Avian Haven in Freedom. Everyone in these parts knows that they are absolutely the most qualified to care for this intrepid traveler.

So what next for Maine's newest resident?

Well, the folks at Avian Haven are already working with their counterparts in Nevada to arrange transport back to where it came from. Maine is not remotely a suitable environment for a bird like this. They're pretty much a desert bird, and Maine is.... well, not the desert. Even though we have a desert, and a Desert Island, but still......

He's got a makeshift habitat to stay warm in while folks arrange his transport. But man.... what a journey. Imagine just poking your head into a van, the doors shut, and you're on the move for four days. Poor little thing. But soon enough, it'll be back where it belongs..... making coyotes mad out in the desert.

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