In a world of strange, Maine's International Cryptozoology Museum was named one of the most unusual on the planet.

BBC's 'Five of the World's Most Unusual Museums

An article posted by the BBC highlighted five of the world's strangest, most unique museums including pigs and poo. Portland's Cryptozoology Museum made the list due to it's unusual focus on the mythologies of our modern culture like Bigfoot and mermaids.

Other museums mentioned on this list included an espionage museum in Washington D.C., a human disease museum in Sydney, Australia, the Museum of Poo in England, and a Pig Museum in South Korea.

The International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland

The museum is described as 'The World's Only Cryptozoology Museum' located on Thompson's Point in Portland. It is open 7 days a week and is full of fantastic cryptids, the most famous being the 5 1/2 foot long coelacanth model.

The article places emphasis on the museum's bigfoot collection which includes footprint casts and hair. The museum's focus on 'living fossils' was also highlighted in the article, creatures that were once thought extinct but later found alive and well.

The Media Loves This Museum

This isn't the first time this unique museum as made headlines. It was also featured in 2015 in Huff Post's 13 Wonderfully Weird, Creepy Museums to Visit Around the U.S.' Time Magazine included the museum in their list of '10 Weird Museums of the World' in 2014.

The museum has attracted celebrity curiosity as well, seeing famous visitors through the years such as David Byne, Sean Lennon Ono, and a myraid of crypto researchers, and rock bands.

Find out more about Maine's, and apparently, one of the world's, most unusual museums by heading over to the website

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