This Friday, Northern Light hospitals and healthcare facilities across the state will be joining forces to help celebrate American Heart Month (February) and bring awareness specifically to Women's Heart Health.

Employees, visitors and anyone from the public who wants to join in support, is encouraged to "Go Red" for the cause by wearing red clothing. Along with sporting their best red dress, Northern Light and American Heart Association representatives throughout Maine will be providing information about heart health services & resources and educating folks about the signs and symptoms of heart disease.

According to Patti Corey,  MSB, Associate Vice President, Cardiovascular Services for Northern Light Health “Nearly 48 million women in the US are living with or at risk for heart disease. For years heart disease was considered a man’s disease, but today, we know that more women than men do not survive their first heart attack and often have worse outcomes. Women typically experience very different symptoms than men, and that is something every women – and every man who has a woman in their life they care about – should be aware of.”

Along with the more commonly associated symptoms of chest pains & discomfort, and shortness of breath, many folks don't realize there are other signs someone may be having a heart attack, such as nausea, jaw pain or upper body pain, dizziness and breaking out in a cold sweat.

For more information about the local "Go Red" festivities or about Heart Health, click this link. 


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