There's a lot of identity for Mainer's wrapped up in the 207 number combo.  Those numbers represent the whole state of Maine, a certain rural culture and independent state of mind. But, it looks like there might be a new number we Mainers may need to embrace in the coming years.

WABI is reporting that available phone number combinations that include the 207 area code will be running out in the coming years. It's predicted that the end of 2024 could bring about the dawn of a new Maine area code to be able to provide for new phone numbers to come.

The inevitable could be put off, however, if the State of Maine has its way.  The Public Utilities Commission Chairman, Phil Bartlett, says the State is aware of the importance of the area code to Maine's identity and to preservation of the area code. This decision is ultimately left to the Federal Communications Commission.

WABI is also reporting that there could be a new way for numbers to be issued:

The Public Utilities Commission wants to change the way numbers are assigned from a block system with a thousand numbers released at a time. They would instead use utilize an instant numbering system.

All of this makes me wonder about all those people with the '207' tattoos.  Will they now include the new area code to come?

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