Let's be real.... most of die a little when a bug touches us.

I had a friend once, who was a building manager for all his dad's apartments. They owned half a dozen buildings around Portland at the time. One time, he had to bomb an apartment for roaches after a family moved out, and left the place horridly disgusting. There were dirty diapers everywhere, old food in the fridge, etc.....

He said when he set the bombs off in one room and went to the next, there were so many roaches, he could literally hear them moving around in the ceiling tiles. The more he set off, the worse it got. They ended up having to remove all occupants of the building to properly get all the bugs out, and it cost thousands of dollars.

A Lewiston landlord didn't fare much better recently.

This particular landlord went to clean an apartment after the tenants were out, and he walked in on basically a tarantula farm, and a ball python! What in actual you-know-what is up with that? I'm not sure what range of emotions hits me first... The fear of these critters, or my anger at whomever would do such a thing.

All the tarantulas and the python were handed over to Drew Desjardins, owner of Mr. Drew and His Animals, Too. He confirmed the spiders were venomous, but points out that generally, they are harmless. In fact, they're apparently quite fragile, according to WGME. If you dropped one on the ground, it'd burst like a little balloon.

So luckily, it turns out it was as happy an ending as it could be for all involved. But I tell ya, I'm still kind of hot under the collar about someone who would abandon these animals for someone else to deal with. You're not even supposed to have tarantulas in Maine without a permit. So shame on these folks. Pets are pets, and you're a jerk.

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