It's back-to-school time. And here's a long weekend break, too. So maybe it is time to remember our favorite back-to-school movie.

In case you've forgotten or don't know the movies listed in the poll, here are trailers for you to help refresh your memory.

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First here's Back To School, starring Rodney Dangerfield.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High was a huge movie back in the day. It helped Sean Penn get known, and look what he's done in Hollywood since.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone starring Daniel Radcliffe. The books were out of this world massive successes too.

Kindergarten Cop starred Arnorld Schwarzenagger. What did he do after this movie from 1990?  Kidding, just kidding.

Friday Night Lights with Billy Bob Thornton. Not only a movie but wasn't it a television series as well.

Animal House starring John Belushi who had a much-troubled life. Wonder what he would have done in his career if things were different in his life.

Monsters University.  Animated movie, that I'll admit I've never seen.  But don't let me influence your vote.

Alight.  May I have the envelope, please?  Go ahead and vote early and often, especially if you are clock-watching at work on the Friday before a long weekend.

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