Who’s going where this weekend?  Reading reports online about how many more people are going to travel for Labor Day this year than last year. Of course, that didn’t take much research to figure out after last year.

Labor Day is one of the biggest weekends for barbeques and cookouts with extended family and friends, and that makes more sense. But news sources are saying that millions more Americans will travel this weekend.  Hopefully not on the same roads as us, right?

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If you are the one doing the traveling to friends or relatives, fighting clogged roads, and driving behind some guy with a New York or Massachusetts license plate who insists on driving 10 miles slower than the speed limit, but still tapping on his brakes every 100 yards, thoughts are with you. Hopefully, when you finally arrive at the cookout, you get more than a hot dog. One of those 818 hot dogs that are eaten every second in America between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

When you get where you are going if you are camping for the weekend, the overnight temperatures should be great for sleeping outside. If you are staying at a hotel, here’s to it not being one of the ones that are now starting to charge you to use the indoor pool and the fitness workout area.  Isn’t that squeezing even more money out of you when, with occupancy down, they should be grateful to have you stay at their hotel, and should be offering free incentives to make your stay more pleasant?

Happy Labor Day.  Soon we’ll have Maine back to ourselves.

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