Check out this trendy TikTok which has become the latest #challenge to have fun with: the Goodwill Challenge.

Grab a friend and go to various locations throughout your favorite thrift store.  You film as your friend holds their hand out and touches items on a rack of clothes, rack of shoes or whatever.  As they walk, they wait for you to randomly tell say 'stop' which signals them to grab whatever their hand is touching.

After selecting several items to make a complete outfit your friend tries on all of the items, comes out of the dressing room and looks either really good, not so good or terrible.  And it's all on camera.

This sounds like a great challenge to try with young ones and, hey, you might find an item you really like.

Check out the viral video:

Kinda gives me the feel of the good old days of Macklemore.  #poppintags

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