Who knew turkey was soooooo sexy?

Chatting about Thanksgiving this morning, Sarah lamented the fact that she was told that last night she should have began the process to "dry brine" her thawed turkey, so we decided to call the world famous Butterball Tukrey Hotline at 1-800-BUTTERBALL to get some sweet your turkey tips. but per usual due to the time differnece, we could not get a live operator. We did get a lovely treat, when I apparently misdialed and got a 1-800 adult chat line where guys can talk with sexy ladies. I manintain that I did in fact, dial the number correctly. But whatever, it was pretty funny.

Since 1981, the Butterball trained experts have been answering turkey related questions each holiday season. Every November and December. You can call 1-800-288-8372 or even text them at 844-877-3456. Also, they have even expanded their services by connecting with you using social media, live chat, or Amazon Alexa

To give you some perspective on what question you might ask, here are some of their FAQ'S from the site.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving from The Z Morning Show!

What is the difference between fresh and frozen?
How do I determine what size turkey to buy?
What are some new ways I can prepare my turkey?
What can I do to prevent a dry turkey?
What type of thermometer is best for cooking a turkey?
What are giblets?
How long can I store a turkey in the freezer?
How do I store leftovers?
What is the "sell by" date on my Butterball product?
Are Butterball turkeys gluten free?
What does “All Natural Turkey” mean?
Do Butterball products have MSG?
Where can I find product allergen details?
Does Butterball treat its turkeys humanely?
What does the American Humane Certified seal on Butterball® products mean?

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