On Tuesday (May 30), pop-duo Karmin officially changed its Facebook name to Qveen Herby. Now it's time to meet the queen.

The new Facebook also featured a short video announcing that "Karmin is dead. Long live the QVEEN."

The change is in advance of the June 2 release of Qveen Herby's "EP 1." You can pre-order it here.

In a live Facebook chat earlier this month, Amy Renee Noonan and Nick Noonan, who hails from Old Town and produced the new EP, called the latest collaboration, "a new chapter in our adventure together."

Does that mean Karmin is really dead? Amy answered a viewer's question this way: "Nick and I are focusing our efforts on Qveen Herby."

"I don't believe in the permanence of anything," she later added. "Things change and change is great, but this is a very big trans-formative moment for me."

"This is what we both want to do," Nick said. "We're always going to be here making music, and Qveen Herby is the next chapter of that."

And how do you pronounce the new name with the "v" and all? "Queen is pronounced queen, but we spell it with a 'v' because we stanky like that."

Plus, it turns out "queen" was Amy's nickname in college.

As for a tour stop in Maine? "I mean, we have to come to Maine," Amy said.

Now, we hope the Qveen doesn't mind if we take a quick look back at the duo that brought us a bunch of hits, including 2012's "Brokenhearted."

And let's not forget the time we interviewed them at Riverfest in Old Town in 2013.

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