Justin Bieber's new single "Friends" sounds just as upbeat, hopeful and insincere as that last guy who hoped he could be "just friends" with you after totally dumping you. Over text. On a Saturday night. When he was 30 minutes late to come over to your place.

No, really, the collaboration with BloodPop is a danceable ditty that paints Bieber as the ex-boyfriend reflecting on his latest breakup. He still cares, offering up well-wishes for your mother — he's just curious, honest! — and really, really wants to be friends. At least, as long as you don't mention any other guys you might have seen since he left.

"Friends" doesn't have the punch of "Sorry," but it is a nicely sentimental track. Now that Bieber is no longer a punking-around, devil-may-care teenager who gets in trouble for the silliest darn things, he's a great guy to be friends with — one who writes sweet songs with your best interests at heart. You should totally take him up on this.

Listen to "Friends" below on Spotify.

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