He didn't just go to dinner!

Bangor was buzzing last week when New England Patriots wise receiver Julian Edelman was in town and spotted out dining in a private room at Evenrood's restaurant. You may have seen the photos that several people who were lucky enough to run into Julian, shared on social media.

As it turns out, Edleman wasn't just here to enjoy Bangor's finest cuisine, he also took the opportunity to do a little motivational speaking to the employees of Bangor Savings Bank, who have a a special place in our hearts each and every Free The Z turkey drive, because of their efforts and generous donations.

During his pep talk, he referenced his 2017 memoir "Relentless" and pointed out how several times throughout his athletic career, he's been told the word no, in terms of playing college football, and it certainly wasn't a lock that he would be such a successful NFL player and Super Bowl champ.

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