Every entertainer had to get their start somewhere.  Sometimes they were the only people who thought that they had a chance at ‘making it.’

With some, even their manager wasn’t all that supportive.

Comedians had to start going club to club, taking spots at a moments notice, and often getting on stage late, late at night. Jay Leno was no exception starting in the Boston area.

The life looks glamorous, and who’s to argue that it isn’t…after you make it big. Before being ‘discovered’ or even making a living at show biz, it is anything but glamorous.

But Jay Leno certainly can put those days of polishing his act and scrambling for breaks, behind him and live off his success.

However, he is still very dedicated to his craft and ‘brings it’ when he hits the stage.

And Jay Leno, who hosted the Tonight Show for decades will appear at The Collins Center for The Arts in Orono on Saturday the 22nd.

Leno grew up in Massachusetts, and had relatives in Maine including an Uncle who was a newspaper editor in the Bangor area. So he’s no stranger to Maine.

He could be hanging out at one of his home across the country, or working on a car in the garage.

Getty Images/Handout
Getty Images/Handout

But he chooses to work and his job is to call out life’s absurdities in a way only he can.

Also there are no longer Covid restrictions on campus, therefore enjoy the evening mask free. That way everyone can see you laughing.

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