As summer officially arrives, it seems as though Maine (and all of New England) have struggled to string together a week of terrific weather. For every gorgeous sunny day, there seems to be three cloudy or rainy days that follow. If it's felt like that kind of spring to you, you're not wrong. Unfortunately, the kick off to summer 2023 doesn't look much more promising either.

Shared on Twitter by Todd Gutner, the long range forecast models for Maine are promising almost the identical outlook for the remainder of June as we've had for the entire month so far. Clouds on top of clouds with a decent chance at rain almost every single day. It's possible that we'll sneak a sunny day in here or there over the next couple weeks but the lingering threat of rain doesn't appear to be going away. The only tangible difference will be the arrival of summertime humidity.

Shared on Twitter by Mike Haggett, it's not just Maine, either. Most of New England is going to struggle to break free from cloud cover and enjoy a series of sunny days through the 4th of July holiday. Typically, forecasters don't like to look beyond the 10-14 day outlook but the rest of July has some question marks right now as well. So what is going on?

Shared on Twitter by Jeff Berardelli, extremes in the jet stream are what's causing problems for New England. Those extremes have left Texas with desert-like temperatures as well as cooler climates (like Minnesota) battling a series of nearly 90 degree days. It's also left much of the eastern seaboard (all of New England) under a lengthy low pressure system causing more clouds, more rain and less sun.


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