This one’s for the reel.

Halloween offers a delightful opportunity to don costumes, let loose, and, in environments that embrace it, have even more fun!

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For some, wearing a costume provides a psychological boost: It allows them to momentarily escape their everyday lives and personas, enabling them to inhabit the role of someone or something entirely different. They can say and do things as this fictional character that they'd never consider in their "real life."

For WABI TV5 Meteorologist Curt Olson, he went above and beyond, to the point where I'm starting to wonder if I've ever spotted Batman and Curt Olson in the same place.

Olson shared a clip from the WABI TV5 News at 5 on his professional Facebook page, accompanied by three bat emojis and three pumpkin emojis. He added a disclaimer, suggesting that viewers watch the video until the very end.

Additionally, WABI TV5 posted a clip on their Facebook page from the WABI TV5 News at 4 featuring 'Batman.' The caption mentioned that 'Batman' made a stop at TV5 before going out to safeguard the streets of Bangor on Halloween.

With the full ensemble, voice, and all the signature ‘Batman-erisms,’ Eastern and Central Maine mas treated to an entertaining, if slightly eerie, Halloween weather forecast. The eerie part pertained to the frosty temperatures ahead.

Bangor is fortunate to have both Meteorologist Curt Olson and Batman. One for sharing his amusing, playful, and zany side while delivering precise weather updates, and the other for protecting our Queen City of the East. Then again, I can't say for certain which one is which.

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