Who doesn’t love Maine’s favorite sweet treat!

When word came down that the 2021 Maine Whoopie Pie Festival, in Dover-Foxcroft, was canceled again, due to the rising COVID cases in Piscataquis County and the low vaccination rates, it was a total bummer. In fact, it would have been tomorrow that this fun event would happen, but we move on, and as always, this Maine treat continues to be a point of interest to many people.

A woman who goes by the name of MAINEiac Grammie's Homestead posted a video where she is excited to eat a whoopie pie, but states that she has never paid $2.65 cents for one, but when you watch the video, you will notice that it is HUGE. So I say, forget about the price, and just enjoy it.

In another video posted this week, a guy gives you his recipe to make them yourself!

Here it is:
Recipe Dry: -2 cups flour -3/4 coca powder -1/4 tsp baking soda -1 tsp baking powder -1/4 tsp salt Coffee: -1/4 cups coffee -1 cups milk -1 eggs Wet: -3/4 cups butter (room temp.) -1 cups sugar -1 tsp vanilla Frosting: -1/2 butter (room temp) -2 cups powder sugar Extra: -1/4 cream cheese (room temp)

And the goofy guys from Welcome To Maine did a whole segment about devouring whoopie pies this week.

So, as sad as it is that there will be no Maine Whoopie Pie Festival this year, you can find them anywhere in the Pine Tree State, just make sure you buy some milk too.

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