Don't get me started on Bangor's trash PICKUP policy...

Here in the 207, can you just chuck your garbage into any trash receptacle you want? Hell, no!

This popped into my head this morning, because today is my trash day, and when I was rolling it to the curb, I noticed that someone had stuffed a bunch of crap into my waste bin.

If you are wondering what the official State of Maine policy on this, here is how it breaks down:

No person shall throw or place or cause to be thrown or placed upon the premises of themselves or another located within the limits of the City of Bangor any rubbish, garbage or debris of any kind, nor shall any owner or occupant of any such premises suffer any such rubbish, garbage or debris to remain on said premises

§2272. Promiscuous dumping prohibited
No person shall deposit household garbage, leaves, clippings, prunings or gardening refuse in any litter receptacle. [PL 1975, c. 739, §15 (NEW).]
Persons violating the provisions of this section are liable for the same penalties as provided for violation of section 2264-A.

I have had a few issues in the Bangor area with this problem, because if you live in an apartment complex, you are sharing trash bins with the other residents who live there, which creates a problem, because there are only so many bins that can be used, which causes them to be over stuffed at times.

If you don't live in the Bangor area, and have no idea of their policy, here is the official City of Bangor position on the matter:

Residential curbside trash and recycling is picked up by automated side-load trucks. All of your household's trash and recycling go into your 96-gallon trash bin, which is provided to you by the City and is tagged with a unique code that corresponds to your address. All trash and recycling must fit in the bin and the lid must close in order for the truck to pick it up.

"All trash and recycling must fit in the bin and the lid must close in order for the truck to pick it up"

That line is the problem with Bangor trash pickup, meaning that people overstuff their garbage into these bins, and if they are too full, they will not take them.

So if you find yourself with an over abundance of waste, you can't just dump it into any bin you feel like.

The lesson to be learned here? Don't put your trash where it doesn't belong!

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