The Collins Center is bringing an exciting, high energy show to the Bangor area with the YAMATO Drummers from Japan.

The YAMATO group is inspired by the traditional Japanese art of Taiko, a disciplined and highly coordinated performing art that includes several people and large drums.  The group travels all over the word with these traditional drums while putting their modern spin into the performance.

The show is considered a "genuinely theatrical experience" by The Times.  Check out this video to see for yourself!

These drums may look familiar if you are a fan of Z artist Imagine Dragons.  Here is the band using these traditional drums in their song Radioactive during 2013's Life Is Beautiful Festival performance in Las Vegas.  This video also includes performers from Cirque du Soleil's Mystere.

Prior to the show there will be a lecture and reception at 6 PM that includes sushi and saki.  The Hudson Museum will have Japanese art pieces on display and Stuart Marrs will be conducting the lecture.

Tickets range from $10 - $34 each and the show will start at 7 PM.

For more information visit the Collins Center for the Arts website or call the box office at (207) 581-1755.

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