Maine's iconic Governor's Restaurant, which has establishments in 6 cities across the state, will be changing hands next month. But don't worry, the person taking over has been there for almost 20 years already.

Annie Lee
Annie Lee

According to WABI TV5, long-time Governor's employee, Jason Clay, will be taking 5 of the 6 restaurants this May, when current owner, Randy Wadleigh retires.

Wadleigh has run the eateries for over 3 decades.

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According to a statement put out by the franchises saying that while change is inevitable, change for the sake of change doesn't make sense. Wadleigh thinks Clay is the best person to take over, as he will only make changes when necessary, and will keep the true heart of the business intact.

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"Wadleigh acknowledges that he explored selling to a merger and acquisition company but thought better of it. “Governor’s Brand is iconic in the State of Maine. Ultimately, it was more important to me to keep the culture and Jason is ready. He’s smart, respected, educated, tech savvy, a hard worker, great listener and most importantly, rooted in the community,” Wadleigh states. “He’s been part of the Governor’s family for 17 years. Jason gives our brand the best shot to be successful for decades to come.”

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Govenor's Restaurant and Bakery is been in operation for 63 years.

The restaurant in Presque Isle is independently owned, and not part of the takeover in May.

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