This year has really showed the passion Mainer's have for sports in the school system.

It was uncertain what this year's fall sports programs would be like this year due to the pandemic.  The task of keeping kids and communities safe while still having competitions was a heavy one.

The fall sports season was up in the air until the Maine Principal's Association and the Governor's Administration worked out guidelines for fall sports, with everyone working together to include sports this fall and have safety the number one priority.  One solution that an area school system came up with to be safe and still play sports was to broadcast their school's sports games through social media, to keep crowd attendance low to avoid COVID transmission but still have an option for the community to see the games live..

The Hermon School system wants to be able to live stream their games through YouTube.  Great solution, right?

Well, the hitch in the solutions is that the account needs to have 1000 people subscribed to it in order to have the ability to stream live available for the account.

The athletes, parents and community are reaching out to the community to create a safe way to still enjoy the games going on this year by keeping group attendance low at the games while also creating an opportunity for those who still want to enjoy the game to be able to do it safely.

The Hermon School has created the YouTube account 'Hermon Media'.  It currently has videos that were intended for parents, students and the community.  But the use for the account is strategized to expand to live stream these youth competitions that has become more of a yearly autumn tradition here for communities across the State of Maine.

Here's what you have to do to help Hermon School's live-stream their events:

  • Go to
  • Create an account or sign in to the one you already have
  • Type in 'Hermon Media' in the search bar or click this link to their account page
  • Hit the subscribe button
  • Share the link of the page with all of your friends and tell them to subscribe, too

This service would be great to keep more vulnerable safe while still providing the experience of local youth playing a game.


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