Maine Lifestyle Co. started as an online shop in 2020. But, now, you can get all of your cool swag with a Maine edge in their physical location in Brewer.

This business combines gifts, clothes, and online ordering with chic Mainer-style and quick pick-ups. One of the benefits that this business offers is that you can order online and pick up your order in a matter of a few hours.

The business had its soft opening for a few hours on Sunday, inviting everybody to come out and stop by via Facebook using the lure of an inviting entrance and a sweet Mimosa bar.

The owner had quite a difficult time bringing her shop dreams to life, as explained in a recent Facebook post. But, she seems to be in the right spot for the moment and we in the area couldn't be happier to welcome her business to town!

It’s been a long trying year. From my rebrand to being stuck in a space that gave me no purpose, to stumbling upon this gorgeous storefront and moving in. I am firm believer that everything happens for a reason and this change has really brought a new sense of comfort.
This business is a dream come true and despite all of the trials and tribulations, I fought to make it work. But, I really wouldn’t be here without my customers. You all have stuck by me through so much and I truly appreciate each and everyone one of you!

Center Street in Brewer, specifically this building on the corner of Center Street and Penobscot Street, has seen a lot of activity this year with new tenets moving in. We've seen the start of two other businesses in this Center Street building including the opening of Brewer Nutrition this summer, and of Natalea's Center Scoop, which opened in July.

Find some beautiful decor and great gift ideas from the place that helps define our  Mainer style.

Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events and specials and visit their website to see their inventory and do some ordering.

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