Martin Henry Cinema is coming to South Portland and they are looking for the community to be a part of it.


Martin Henry Cinema is looking for investors to open where the Cinemagic at Clarks Pond was. There was a death in the Cinemagic family and that along with Covid, was enough for them to get out of the business.

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Martin Henry Cinema sees an opportunity to take a fully functioning theater and upgrade it to a new experience. And you can be a part of it! You could also triple your investment. It's an interesting way of doing business, and it's pretty brilliant.

On the website Mainvest, they explain why they are raising money:

Honestly, this project is well underway and we have no plans to stop now. But we do have a strict budget to stick to. We would like to get community support, buy in from our future customers. We also have some ambitious employee hiring bonus goals as well as an entire community outreach program we would like to implement. That would involve sponsoring local youth events and organizations as well as hosting fundraisers. The operational side definitely is important, but we wanted to get the community behind us as early as possible. Letting them know we are coming and we want to make a big and positive impact to the community. The pandemic changed a lot of things and had a seriously negative impact on the theater industry. However, we believe a more affordable approach, friendly staff and clean comfortable environment will bring customers out to enjoy the movies again.

They make it hard not to want to get in on the ground floor! They are looking to change what going to the movies is like. They want to create a uniquely "homey" movie-going experience. Like going to a friend's house for movie night.

They will have luxury reclining seats, traditional concessions, an expanded food menu, and in some locations include alcohol. They will also have the MHC Movie Club, with different membership levels. Unlimited movies aren't just for staying in anymore, now you can go out on the town and watch all the new release movies you want! For one low monthly price, plus discounted and FREE concession items. Check out how you can get involved right now!

I'm all in and can't wait!



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