The latest in healthy drinking is coming to Brewer as Brewer Nutrition sets to open.

Brewer Nutrition is opening in the bustling area of Center Street in Brewer. The business is described as a health food store and is looking to serve up healthy drinks and energizing teas, according to its logo.

At the beginning of August, the business's Facebook page started becoming active with one post on August 15 announcing the location where it is set to open, at 46 Center Street. This location used to be home to Common $ense Traders, a pawn shop.

Locations near Brewer's riverfront are seeing interest in places to put up businesses. This location near the riverfront has certainly seen some action recently since a new ice cream shop, Natalea's Center Scoop, opened its doors in July right next door and in the same building. It seems like those visiting the Brewer river walk are starting to have some more choices within walking distance, which is great!

A few days later, Brewer Nutrition posted on social media about renovations for their newly acquired space on their Facebook page.

The new business posted their hours as 6 AM to 6 PM daily, which means early morning drinks and even after-work drinks, too. Brewer Nutrition also posted job openings to attract people who may be interested in joining the team.

Brewer Nutrition has yet to announce an opening date or what exactly we can expect on the menu.

It's great to see more new business come to this section of Brewer, especially since the river walk has incredible potential to bring people to this part of Brewer.

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