It's motorcycle season here in Maine and everybody wants to get out and feel the freedom of the open road.

There is responsibility that you need to take on as a motorcyclist to cautiously take care of yourself, your passenger and others on the road.  There are also skills that, if you have ahead of time, will make your success of attending a motorcycle course and obtaining your motorcycle license easier.

In the State of Maine, you need to complete a 15-hour hands-on rider education program to get your permit and to work towards your license.  Also, depending on your motorcycle you may also need an endorsement.  More information about what you need to get your motorcycle license in the State of Maine can be found at the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicle webpage.

If you are serious about becoming a motorcyclist and learning to ride the open road on a hog during the best season in Maine, here are some tips from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to see if you motorcycling is for you.


Are You A Good Fit For Motorcycle Riding?

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